Dodderhill Independent Girls

Small school. Big futures.

Dodderhill is an independent girls’ school near Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England. Known and liked for being a small and supportive school – people didn’t talk about the academic success. They needed to communicate how they ‘stretch and challenge’ and emphasise their independent character. A name change, rebrand and campaign helped bring out the school’s distinctive qualities.

We recommended changing the name to ‘Dodderhill Independent Girls’ to emphasise the school’s aims and ethos and used key phrases with the name to help reinforce key messages. The identity was simplified, making it more distinctive and sophisticated. We developed a design system to show success stories around the school of former girls and what they had achieved. After commissioning and art directing new photography, the advertising and promotional material was changed to look distinctive and stand out. We also reviewed the uniform and other key areas that helped promote the school’s image.

Services: brand identity, brand guidelines, signage, advertising campaigns and print communications.

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