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17 December 2015

here&there is a discreet monitoring system that helps you to keep an eye on your relative, without making them feel patronised, keeping you safe in the knowledge that if something out of the ordinary happens you will be alerted. We created the brand to launch and help drive the new business forward, highlighting the benefits it would bring to families through increased confidence, yet enabling them to keep their independence.

It was important to show that whilst enabling more independent living, the monitoring system also allows you to feel closer and more connected. We developed the brand to reflect warmth, support and the contact it can provide, rather than focusing on the technology. We devised the name ‘here&there’ and created an identity and messaging that focused on the idea of relationships between families, by making life easier and bringing peace of mind, but also relating to location and moving around. The branding was carried across the website created by Mud. We used the idea of relationships as a device in their marketing campaign which was focused less around monitoring, more around communication; less about the technology and more about solving a problem, but predominantly about enabling you to be here and there.

“Mytton Williams have been great. The work that they have done with us has helped us not just to create a brand that we are happy with but has also helped us to refine our product.  Mytton Williams have met tight deadlines and worked closely with us even though we have moved the goalposts. Great quality of work and professional approach is standard for them”. Victoria Clare, Managing Director, here&there

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