Malvern Hills Trust

Protecting the hills for generations

This organisation has been caring for the Malvern Hills since 1884 but perceptions and messages had been mixed. Although hundreds of thousands of people visit the Malvern Hills each year, many people did not know who they were or what they did. And they were not getting the support needed as the charity caring for this much-loved landscape. Our work on the new name and brand identity has received “an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and visitors” and is helping to increase public awareness and raise public support.

The organisation’s mission is to conserve the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Hills and Commons. They are committed to maintaining and looking after the hills, but are not a tourist attraction. Part of the challenge was to clarify their role and charity status. This led to the change of the often mis-understood word ‘conservators’ to ‘trust’ and the development of clear messaging on their communications. While the landscape had been well represented, during our research we realised there was also a desire for more emphasis on wildlife, so our development of the logo resulted in a mark that can be seen as hills and as a bird. 

We worked closely with Mytton Williams to come up with a brand identity that was friendly, professional, clean and modern. A central part of the project was changing our working name from the Malvern Hills Conservators to the Malvern Hills Trust. Although we had been thinking about the possibility of a name change to remove the common confusion with political parties we needed Mytton William’s help to make this idea reality. Mytton Williams consulted with all of our staff, volunteers and our 29 Board members to decide on a suitable name and a new logo to represent our charity.

Mytton Williams were professional and clear in presenting their brand ideas to our large Board (with their many opinions) and we praise their responses to our Board’s questions, comments and suggestions. They had a clear footpath of how to reach a positive outcome and delivered at each step in the process. We launched our new brand, name and logo in April 2017 and have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and visitors. As we move forward with its full implementation, the new name and logo has given us a major boost by helping to increase public awareness of our charity and raise public support in the future so we can continue to care for the Malvern Hills and Commons.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer
& Duncan Bridges, Director, Malvern Hills Trust

Services: brand workshop, brand strategy, naming, brand identity, brand guidelines, signage design.


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