What’s your point exactly?


Each day we're likely to see 3,500 branded messages. In one 45-minute journey, the average London commuter is said to be exposed to more than 130 adverts, featuring more than 80 different products or services. Everyone is vying for our attention.



An insight into creative spaces


How does the place you work in drive your creativity? Often when we talk about design, it is more often about the work. What goes unsaid is the importance of a studio space that inspires. The same passion that drives ideas can also lead to some interestingly individual creative spaces, and vice versa.

Bristol & Bath by Design and the West of England Design Forum hosted I design here: An evening of insight celebrating design studios in the region at new Bristol venue Openspace.



Graphis poster annual award


We’ve just found out that Bob’s series of JazzTypes posters has won a silver Graphis Poster award and will appear in the 2016 Poster Annual. Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, selectively chose what they feel to be the best talent of the time, showcasing the work of graphic designers, illustrators and fine artists, so we are over the moon! 


A different way of looking


Thrings needed a way of communicating how they work and what makes them different. They wanted something smart, unusual and memorable to leave with clients. We helped them concentrate on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. Read more


You talking to me?


When did you last go out and take a look at your customers? Not just make assumptions or check the stats, but actually observe them or speak with them about who they are and what they want? Understanding customers and what they want has become more complicated. Customers are more critical because they are faced with more choice. So how do we start to cut through this complexity? 



Cover story


PM magazine, first published in 1993, is produced monthly by the PM Forum for everyone involved in the fast-developing field of professional services marketing and aims to provide insights and inspiration. We helped them reinvigorate the magazine by reviewing the inside layout and creating a series of thought-provoking, contemporary and innovative covers.



In touch and independent


here&there is a discreet monitoring system that helps you to keep an eye on your relative, without making them feel patronised, keeping you safe in the knowledge that if something out of the ordinary happens you will be alerted. We created the brand to launch and help drive the new business forward, highlighting the benefits it would bring to families through increased confidence, yet enabling them to keep their independence.



FWA Site of the day!


We have just received the FWA Site Of The Day Award for our Everyday Jazz calendar.

FWA is an industry recognised award program, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations. Their focus is to give exposure to amazing, creative projects, so we are absolutely over the moon!

Have a look at our dedicated FWA page – http://www.thefwa.com/site/everyday-jazz-

And you can see what’s happening on the EverydayJazz calendar here - https://everydayjazz.com/2015/3/


Media Innovation Award winner


We are pleased to be the proud winner of another Media Innovation Award. 



Love colour!


Opal Print are brilliant at what they do and wanted to create something they could use to promote their love of print and printing excellence.

We asked a selection of talented creatives from across the country to send us their favourite colour combinations and have featured them in a sweet, Valentine’s inspired, book for Opal to send out to design agencies and potential clients. Colour Matching is a celebration of colour and print. The collection can also be used as colour reference guide.

Get in touch with Opal Print if you’d like a copy!