What makes us creative? How do you constantly develop fresh creative ideas, year after year? Do you slip into patterns that make you less creative, relying on solutions that you know have worked in the past? And if so, what can you do to become more creative? These were the questions Bob had started to ask himself. In an effort to explore ways to be more creative, he needed to do something to provide some answers.

As a jazz lover, he embarked on an experiment to fire up his imagination and explore creativity – creating 100 posters over 100 days of the top 100 jazz musicians - documenting his thinking process and what he learnt about being creative along the way. 

So, what did he learn?


Cloud Awakening


International start-up company Cloud Awakening based in Sydney, Australia provide innovative web and mobile solutions to allow businesses to focus on profitability and growth. They are passionate about cloud-based technology and have three distinct areas that they specialise in – advisory, product sales and cloud services.The new identity needed to be fresh and bold appealing to large companies who want to update to cloud technology.



Brand alignment


Co Company applies its expertise in human behaviour to help clients achieve their business goals. For business, aligning the behaviour of its people to its strategic intentions helps organisations to bring about change within their business. It is critical to performance and to the pursuit of new opportunities.

Co Company had been experiencing a significant growth phase. Much of which had been achieved with the winning of new clients, many of whom were large corporations, such as Santander, NHS, ITV, Pepsi, Rolls Royce and Volvo. It therefore, felt like the right time to refresh and realign their brand identity. Taking alignment as the starting point, we redesigned their branding and graphic language to reflect their transformation and ambition for growth.


A new addition


We have a new addition to the Mytton Williams team. Having spent a number of years in Devon and various countries around the world, Hannah has returned to her Bath roots, and now joins us to develop our Marketing and New Business. You can find out more about Hannah’s background and experience here, or feel free to get in touch with her and introduce yourself!



A WEDF talk in four parts


Four creatives from the never shy branding agency SomeOne are coming to Bristol to give a talk in four parts next month. Each person will cover something that inspires them when they're creating new brands. Four people with four opinions for better branding.

For the poster it made sense to split the familiar graphic into four parts and print it flourescent green – the strongest and brightest colour we could find.

The talk will be on 26 February 2014 7–9pm at the Arnolfini in Bristol, you can buy tickets and find out more about the talk on the Arnolfini's website here.


2014 Playing Card Calendar


Every year at Mytton Williams we try and design a calendar with a difference. The calendar comes in the form of a pack of playing cards. As there are 52 cards in a pack, each card neatly covers a week in the year. Why leaves? We were inspired by the first reference to card games dating back to the Tang Dynasty in China called the ‘leaf game’ which was enjoyed in the year 868. This gave us a way to link the four seasons to the four suits.



Branding Ralph Allen Yard


Ralph Allen was a pioneer in Bath’s architecture and this development of nine state-of-the-art homes and a Stone Legacy Centre aims to follow in his footsteps. Called Ralph Allen Yard and developed by CDP, it is a ground breaking design with outstanding environmental credentials and has a great story. The site is the home of Bath’s stone. 300 years ago Ralph Allen used Combe Down stone in an innovative way and Ashlar cut stone has become synonymous with Bath. This development continues the tradition of innovation.



Different on every level


The Porter identity was created as layers to identify the multiple functions of the venue. The identity feeds through to the interiors with colours, signage and fixtures reflecting the brand. Having created the identity for its sister venue The Halycon in Bath, for the Porter, we designed the logo, signage, menus, website and advertising.



Social Media report


We recently designed this major survey into management attitudes towards digital and social technologies. The resulting report fills a major gap in sector knowledge. The report is based on an online survey entitled ‘Digital and Social Technologies in the Professions’ completed by 190 management and marketing experts at professional firms worldwide and was conducted by MPF, PM Forum and Elephant Creative in June 2013.

You can download a free copy of the report direct from the PM Forum website.


A poster with heart


What does San Francisco mean to you? That was the question posed by AIGA San Francisco for a curated exhibition and silent auction of original posters by some of the most influential designers, illustrators and photographers both from San Francisco and internationally. Bob was happy to contribute and created a poster entitled 'I left my heart...' You can see the full collection of posters here. The sale will benefit the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, with money raised going towards scholarships, educational programming and community events, such as SF Design Week.