Royal Mail

The Royal Wedding: Platinum Anniversary


Stamp design
Art direction
Editorial design

2017 marks the Platinum Royal Wedding Anniversary for The Queen and Prince Philip. Just after World War ll, a period of high unemployment and food rationing, The Royal Wedding symbolized a new era, a new beginning and sparked a much-needed national celebration. To celebrate this landmark anniversary and capture the mood surrounding the auspicious event, we designed a set of stamps, souvenirs and gifts for the Royal Mail.

“As with all of our stamp issues, we had to be very respectful to the events and this issue in particular required a subtle touch which Mytton Williams understood and provided. We needed to represent the original photographs in a balanced and informative way. The designers’ proposal of pairing the stamps aided pace and helped inform the three stages of engagement, wedding and honeymoon we focused on. We are extremely happy with the final design.”

Dean Price – Design Manager, Royal Mail Stamps & Collectibles

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