Viper Subsea

Designing for the Deep


Brand strategy
Name development
Brand identity and guidelines
Exhibition material
Promotional and technical print

Viper Subsea, a fast growing, innovative engineering company in the subsea oil and gas industry, were looking to grow and launch new products. Bold and confident branding spoke to their audience and built credibility. The rebrand helped increase sales by 49%, won design awards and led to significant new contracts, agreements and collaborations for product distribution. Following further expansion, we helped with changing the name to Viper Innovations to reflect new markets and products.

Following research and discussions with the company, we created the brand architecture under the umbrella of the Viper name and developed a naming system for other products. The visual identity was designed to work well in all environments, including on the ocean floor.  The V-shaped mark of the logo represents a subsea pipeline and the ocean floor and a ‘connection’ – which represents Viper’s primary product.

“The results met with our high expectations and we have receive regular, unsolicited, positive feedback regarding the strength of the branding and the professionalism it portrays. We are confident our branding ensures we stand positively out in the international crowd… Certainly one of the best investments we have made in terms of ROI.”

Max Nodder, Business Development Director, Viper Subsea.


49% increase in sales after rebrand.
Winner Media Innovation Award.