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Proud to promote NH–YES
Passion project by Mytton Williams designer, Carl Godfrey

We’re extremely proud to help promote a ‘passion project’ created in 2018 by Carl Godfrey, one of our designers. His aim was to express his thanks to the NHS by raising funds for them. The result was an enamel pin badge that says “NH-Yes” using the signature blue and white typography of the health service.

When interviewed about it for It’s Nice That, a magazine that champions creativity, he explained his personal motivations: "at one time, I’d been using the NHS more than I’d like to. And every time I use the service I’m thankful for the care, generosity and support of the staff that make the NHS. So in return, I made this badge. A badge for the nurses, doctors, patients and families. For anyone who’s ever used or contributed to our greatest asset. A badge to say ‘Yes’ to the NHS and long may it continue.

Not surprisingly, orders for this badge have been flooding-in over the past few weeks as national support for the NHS has become even more urgent and vital. It shows how projects that are fuelled by the desire to share an important message, rather than pre-fixed outcomes, allow them the freedom to resonate and connect in unexpected ways.

Mytton Williams has worked on many ‘passion projects’ over the years. Free from the defined goals of a client brief, they allow us time and space to explore our design creativity for personal rather than client purposes. They can stimulate and revive, provide a little fun in the studio, and be an important outlet for designers to express their personal feelings and motivations.

The badges are available to buy via NH-YES website at £4, with all proceeds going to the NHS.

And to support the campaign, Mytton Williams has match-funded the proceeds raised from the first 100 orders.