Impact Statement

Spring 2021

Mytton Williams designs brand communications for ambitious clients who appreciate the power of good design. We believe design can help improve clarity, shift perceptions, change behaviours, help society and transform organisations. We choose to stay a small, specialised team, often working with collaborators with different expertise to solve business challenges. We also believe in working collaboratively with our clients, as we find it leads to better results.

Why B Corp?

At Mytton Williams we aim to take responsibility for our part in the future of this planet. We’ve had a longstanding interest in sustainability; it’s always been included in our Book of No.s which summarises our guiding principles (available on our website). We like working with organisations who share our values. This has led us to sign up to the rigorous B Corp certification process which promotes the consideration of planet and people. B Corp also provides a helpful framework for initiating discussions with our clients and all our stakeholders around these important issues.

The B Corp certification involves 5 areas of impact:

Governance, Environment, Customers, Workers & Community

B Corp also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (17 in total). At Mytton Williams, we’ve selected the following key areas to focus on:

3. Good Health & Wellbeing
4. Quality Education
8. Decent Work & Economic Growth
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action


We’ve included a new article of association which makes our commitment to planet and people part of our legal status.


This past year, we’ve:

– worked with clients to reduce the impact of their design projects where appropriate, from looking at digital campaigns and projects that have been previously printed, to the use of eco-friendly paper stocks, reducing print runs and collaborating with printers who have environmental accreditations or management systems in place;

– set up systems to track and record our studio and WFH emissions. Although we’ve only tracked Scope 1 & 2 emissions this year, we hope to improve our data metrics next year;

– replaced all remaining halogen bulbs in the studio with LEDs and had an EPC survey for the studio (rated B); and

– offset our annual carbon footprint at double our calculated emissions (with two different projects at, as we knew we were under-reporting for Scope 3.


Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors and geographical areas: in 2020/21 none of our sales revenue came from high-carbon producing sectors and approx 30% of our turnover was from work with companies based within 50 miles of the studio.

We’ve kept in touch with many of our clients over the years, and we’ve often entered our work for them into award schemes (eg Transform and Bath Life Awards) with good success. This year we introduced a more formal client survey to assess how our work supports and benefits their businesses. The survey results have been extremely positive.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with the team at Mytton Williams. It’s a very personal, responsive service and, ultimately, I’m delighted with their work. They’ve helped us immeasurably to create, refine and deliver a branding platform that is distinctive, true to our values and has equipped us with the communication tools to compete. I’m looking forward to cranking up our visual impact even further with them."
Brian Macreadie, Head of Marketing, Addleshaw Goddard.


– We’ve introduced two additional annual holidays and better-than-statutory policies.

– In response to the pandemic, we supported our employees with regular zoom meetings, offered free access to a mental health professional and sent wellbeing packages.

– We introduced more flexible working hours in 2019, but since March 2020 all the team have been working from home due to the pandemic. We’ve provided any equipment they’ve needed for WFH and supported flexible working practices to accommodate home situations.

– We carried out an Employee Engagement & Satisfaction survey, as well as our usual annual appraisals.


– We’re proud to be part of a flourishing creative scene in Bath and are actively involved in growing this community. Bob Mytton co-founded and is a former Chairman of the West of England Design Forum, and we’re still much involved in this thriving hub for regional creativity.

– Following on from our book project, Made in Bath, we created a new podcast series called Meet the Makers to continue promoting creativity and diverse makers and have continued to do this during 2020/21. We also donated an exhibition about the project and businesses to Milsom Place.

– At Mytton Williams, we are passionate about education. Bob Mytton helped set up Werkhouse, an organisation formed to help students and graduates be better prepared for the commercial world – we are now planning the next workshop in the Autumn. We also like to offer regular work experience, portfolio reviews, mentoring and paid internships for students. In 2020/21, we were unable to have any studio placements but did carry out an online work experience week for a school student, various advice sessions and four portfolio reviews for design undergraduates.

– Another local community initiative we have been involved in during 2020 is Bath Unlimited – an initiative created and supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council and Bath regionally-based businesses to shine a light on the amazing businesses and diverse sectors represented in the city, hoping to inspire high-quality growth in Bath.

– We have been involved co-ordinating and hosting regional online seminars for marketing professionals.

– We donated to two locally-based charities (which also align with our selected SDGs): Rainforest Concern and Off the Record.

– We gave over 450 volunteer hours to pro-bono work for local good causes, including a new brand identity for Meaningful Films.

– We updated our Supplier Questionnaire as we aim to buy from those with similar values to ourselves. We try to support local firms, organisations with eco-credentials and under-represented owners where possible, and have ordered from several new suppliers in 2020/21 that meet these criteria.